Warrandyte Artisans Pop-up exhibitions feature artists and art studios who are currently practising in the Warrandyte region. The exhibitions confirm the significance of the area’s attraction to artists who, for many and varied reasons, find this region harmonious to their art and lifestyles.

The main commonality of the group is their decision to live and create in the Warrandyte district. The styles, media and issues for each artist are diverse, but the environment significantly influences their artwork.

This unique environment has attracted artists for more than 100 years to live and create in the bushy river valley.

The Warrandyte Artisans Pop-up Exhibitions, showcase the works of three artists, each month, who currently continue that tradition and working in mediums from glass to pottery, painting to pastels, metal to printmaking to photography.

Each artist identifies differently with this region, either directly in the portrayal of the environment or in the sense of having space, both physically and mentally to individually create.

The Warrandyte Artisans Pop-up Exhibition program in 2022 is held on the last weekend of each month, June through and including November. Each month three artists specializing in different disciplines are available to chat with visitors who will gain insights into the artists’ studio production. They will present a small exhibition of their work, that is for sale and happy to discuss taking commissions.

Supported by the Warrandyte Community Association, the public are invited to WCA Meeting Space at the Community Centre in Yarra Street to engage with the changing artworks each month.

Warrandyte Artisans was established in 2022 by Denise Keele-bedford, Wayne Rankin and Jane Annois.
Please contact Denise at: denisekeeleb@me.com