Urgent – Goldfields Activity Centre

Those of you who’ve read the Manningham Draft Residential Strategy will be aware that Council has floated the idea of the Goldfields Activity Centre being re-zoned to accommodate buildings up to four storeys high!

Council is now conducting a survey on their Activity Centre Design Guidelines and we encourage everyone to go to the Council’s website and take the survey at the ‘Have Your Say’ page. https://yoursay.manningham.vic.gov.au/activity-centre-design-guidelines

While this survey closes on June 16, and the survey on the Residential Strategy has already closed we urge interested residents who want to provide input into Council’s deliberations to send your comments and suggestions to the relevant Project Team at: manningham@manningham.vic.gov.au

Both of these matters will be developed during 2024 with a view to adoption during 2025, so it is not too late to make your views known.

If you have any town planning skills or knowledge the WCA could use your input as we develop our detailed responses on Council’s Residential and Activity Centre policies. Contact us at: info@warrandyte.org.au

Manningham also has a survey underway concerning road safety which can be found here: https://yoursay.manningham.vic.gov.au/manningham-road-safety-strategy-2025-2034

Pound Road Neighbourhood Character Group

The proposal by Council to build a highly engineered, concrete footpath along Pound Road has prompted the formation of a local interest group. The group covers Pound Road and all the streets leading down from it, to Everard Drive, Westend Road, Taroona Avenue etc.

The group aims to minimise the use of concrete, and where this essential and visible to use rustic concrete; to promote the use of natural stone and suitably coloured crushed rock for footpaths, kerbs and drains, thus preserving the natural bushland character of the Yarra catchments while retaining water for our biodiversity environment.

The WCA, along with local residents, has been pressuring Manningham Council for many years to apply Green Wedge Design Guidelines in Warrandyte’s residential areas, and local activists groups like this provide significant support for this cause.

Local resident James Charlwood has been a particularly effective voice and has been instrumental in encouraging the group to step up. James also brings great expertise as a practicing conservation stonemason.

We encourage any interested residents to become involved by contacting Doreen Burge ( dburge@burgewoodbooks.com.au ) or James Charlwood ( ellisstones@gmail.com ).

Bendigo Bank Community Funding Opportunities

Bendigo Bank has a marvellous program supporting community projects and activities.

If you or your community organisation are interested in gaining some financial support you should attend the upcoming Information Evening to be held on 19 June, 7 PM at the Riverview Room at the Grand Hotel. Registration info can be found here: https://us14.list-manage.com/survey?u=12b78b8327f0968e80995fd41&id=51b7f2a796&attribution=false&e=97fa6e5a39

Nillumbik Domestic Animal Management Plan

Nillumbik Council is conducting a survey on this plan closing on July 14. Find it here: https://participate.nillumbik.vic.gov.au/damp-2025/domestic-animal-management-survey