27th March 2024
Eltham Community and Reception Centre

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In 2001 there was a Public Meeting to establish the Warrandyte Community Association. Our Mandate is summarised by the tagline, “Caring for the Community”.

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The WCA has always supported the Green Wedge as the ‘Lungs of Melbourne’ and opposed plans to undermine its effectiveness. It has lobbied councils, governments and VCAT. We even had a win in the Victorian Supreme Court, in a joint action with the ‘Friends of Nillumbik’.

Slide 3:
To address the lack of appropriate housing for older residents, the WCA established the Warrandyte Community Retirement Housing Cooperative, a Cooperative limited by shares.
It built a total of five award winning villa units, at Creekside in 2011 and another five at Riverside in 2019. Today they provide independent living on a ‘Loan Lease’ arrangement for 13-20 residents who remain active participants in the Warrandyte community.

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Following the 2009 ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires, ‘Be Ready Warrandyte’ was a prize-winning program by the WCA that encouraged residents to appreciate both the risks and the responsibilities of living with bushfire risk. It featured an internationally acclaimed video and continues to work with Emergency Services to build community resilience.

Slide 5:
We survey residents’ opinions, for example:
2005 Transport and Traffic Survey
2012 Bushfire Preparedness Survey
2023 Character of Warrandyte Survey
‘Writers Wall’ chalkboard at several Warrandyte Festivals

The recent ‘Character of Warrandyte’ Survey attracted 500 responses with 89% support for
* Protecting the riverbank and water quality
* Lots of trees and native bush, and
* Preserving the History and ‘Character’ of the Township.

Slide 6:
As a member of a Warrandyte-Donvale Rotary subcommittee, WCA is an organiser of the monthly Warrandyte Riverside Market, together with the Lions Club of Warrandyte, the Warrandyte Community Church and the North Warrandyte CFA.
Part of the money raises funds for the WCA and other participants while the rest is distributed to other community activities.

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Membership of the WCA is free.

Further information is available on our website at: warrandyte.org.au
We have an office next to the Warrandyte Library at 168 Yarra Street. It is available free of charge for other community groups to use (subject to insurance cover).