Nillumbik Council is seeking feedback for their next Networked Nillumbik Residents Group (NNRG) meeting.

The topic of  their next NNRG feedback request is focused around ‘Travelling on Nillumbik roads during a fire’.

“Attempting to escape from a fire, by road, is an extremely high risk activity.”

You might believe this is a risk that needs to be accepted by the Nillumbik community. Alternatively, you might believe that actions such as the removal of more vegetation could eliminate this risk.

Regardless of your belief and any actions undertaken by Council or other agencies prior to the fire season, the reality is that this statement will continue to be true for 2014-2015.

So, the questions we have for our residents are, given the reality of the statement…

1. Should more be done to help residents understand this risk?

2. If so, what?

3. Are there more important issues (fire related) that need to be addressed?

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions or comments on the above would be greatly appreciated.

Please respond by email to by 28th July 2014. Council will collate the responses and report back.