The Go List – is an online resource providing a list of destinations for people who live in bushfire prone areas, empowering them to plan to leave early on high risk days. It will also include organisations, groups and resources in bushfire high risk areas that can act as a resource from within the community such as local vets, community houses, churches and support groups. This is the beginning of a journey to strengthen Victorian communities across the State.

Go list

The Go List was developed in response to the Black Saturday Fires and the ABC 774 broadcast from the Emerald Community House on Fire Awareness Day, 15th October 2009. With support from the Department of Human Services, The Go List team launched The Go List website and encourage private individuals, businesses, community groups and public facilities to participate by enlisting their support and providing community connections. This could include accommodation, animal housing, storage needs or day destinations. It also provides the initial framework for community groups, individuals and organisations to reach across the geographical barriers, from high risk to low risk areas in support of the Victorian community as a whole.

The Go List is a fantastic government/community partnership committed to developing community resilience in response to fire preparedness. With an initial 3 year funding from the Department of Human Services the dynamic success of The Go List will be enhanced by the generous support and engagement from the Victorian community at large.